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How to Choose Figure Flattering Clothes As You Get Older

When it comes to choosing the most flattering clothes for your figure as you age, it is important to keep in mind that you are dressing for yourself and not to follow fashion trends too closely.

Here are a couple of key tips to remembering when choosing the most flattering clothes for any body shape as you get older.

Embrace Your Shape

No matter whether you are curvy or athletic, are petite or plus size, embracing your shape is the key to finding the most flattering clothes as you get older.

Embracing your body shape doesn't mean you have to love every inch, but rather that you know which areas you wish to highlight and show off and which you might prefer to conceal. For example, many women as they age often begin to hold more weight around the stomach area.

In order to skim past this and create the illusion of a slimmer waist, avoid clothes that are gathered or ruffled, such as peplum skirts and dresses. Instead, why not go for a flattering wrap dress, which gives you a beautiful hourglass shape whilst concealing a larger tummy.

Another common problem area for women as they age is the upper arms, where the skin naturally loses elasticity and can turn into the dreaded bingo wings. In order to dress to flatter the upper arms, why not opt for a bolero jacket over sleeveless dresses and tops, so you can still wear your favourite wardrobe staples whilst drawing attention away from this problem area.

Also, as women age, it is more important than ever to be wearing the correct size bra as the wrong size can completely throw off your whole look. Be sure to invest in having your bra size professionally measured for the most flattering fit possible.

Know Your Colours

Choosing the right colour palette may sound like the kind of thing you need to consider when updating your make-up bag, but it is also important for your wardrobe too. As we age, different colours can either liven up our skin tone or drain it completely, so it is important to find the right colour clothing in order to keep your look as flattering as possible.

If you naturally have warmer toned skin, then sticking to Mediterranean jewel tones such as deep blues, terracotta oranges and sea greens are all great choices to perfectly compliment your complexion. Likewise, if you are naturally on the paler side, choosing clothes with a cool undertone will highlight your alabaster skin without washing you out.

Other more cooler tones such as pastel hues, lavender and light blue are also great choices for those with paler skin or whiter hair. When it comes to accessories, be sure to stick to gold or bronze if you have warmer skin and opt for silver if you are more on the paler side to expertly complete your most flattering look.