Tips on Selecting Fashionable Clothing for Your Body Shape

No matter your age, you can always look good wearing the latest fashion trends as long as you make sure to shop for your body shape.

It is common for women's body shapes to change as they get older, so it is always a good idea to update your wardrobe as your proportions may change over time.

Here are some of the most common body shapes for older women.

Pear Shape

Women who are pear shaped will tend to have wider hips, thighs and bottoms whilst having a smaller bust.

The key to flattering a pear shaped body, whilst still staying on trend, is to make sure you are always readdressing the proportions, tricking the eye to make your bottom half seem slimmer and your top half wider.

A good idea is to try keeping the focus upwards. This means brightly coloured tops versus a more neutral skirt or trousers.

Pear shaped women should also try opting for shirts and blouses that show off your shoulders and décolletage.

Drawing attention to this area of the body is timeless and elegant, making pear shaped women look effortlessly stylish.

Many women find that they start to retain weight on their lower half as they age, so if you are feeling self-conscious about your changing pear shape, you can always go for a form-fitting dress that skims past the thighs and hips, or try an A-line style skirt instead which will also give the illusion of a smaller lower half to help balance your body shape better.

Apple Shape

Lots of women as they get older discover that their body has changed to become what is known as apple shaped.

The apple shape means that you have a top heavy bust and smaller lower half.

Being apple shaped doesn't necessarily mean you that need to have a large bust or broad shoulders, but just that your proportions are the opposite of the pear.

In this case, you want to trick the eye into thinking your lower half is balancing out with your smaller top half, giving the illusion of a more proportional shape.

Key trend pieces for the older woman who identifies as an apple shape include anything that cinches in at the waist.

This could be anything from a wrap dress to a belted trouser suit, helping to bring the focus to the waist area and keep your body shape looking more defined.

V neck tops are also very flattering for apple shapes, helping to guide the eye downwards and draw attention away from wider shoulders.

Women who are apple shaped should also opt for simple straight leg trousers or jeans as you have the kind of slim pins other shapes envy!

Hourglass Shape

The hourglass shape is so named as it reflects the balanced top and bottom of an hourglass timer.

If you are lucky enough to have an already hourglass shape, there are plenty of fashion options you can try out.

Keeping things tailored is always a good choice for hourglass shaped women, as it shows off your figure without having to show too much flesh either.

Hourglass shaped ladies should however avoid wearing too many layers, as this can quickly swamp your balanced proportions and completely distort your beautiful shape underneath.

If you are a curvy hourglass shaped woman and feel a little worried about wearing anything too form-fitting, then there are still plenty of ways to find on trend clothes to flatter your shape.

Why not try adding a belt to your favourite dress, or choose skirts and trousers with a defined waistband?

This will help you to make the most of your figure whilst still maximising comfort.